Off the Hook

  • Confessions


    Ok people, I have something to confess. I know there are others like me out there so I feel this is a safe place to talk about dark secrets.I am addicted to knitting. I don't mean a little bit or in a balanced way, I mean seriously, deeply, addicted to knitting. So much so that I can spend an entire day (sometimes 18 to 20 hours) sitting in front of Netflix, wrapped in a blanket, and knitting, knitting, knitting. Not only do I do that at least one day a week but I know that I can knit like that...

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  • The Sock Project

    The Sock Project

    After completing the socks above for a little project I noticed a funny thing. Same pattern, same yarn, same hands and every sock is different in some way. I have to admit I am not a detail person and I miss things in patterns all the time. I will also admit that it wasn't until about the 7th sock that I felt like I actually completed the pattern the way it was supposed to be and the socks turned out a lot better after I followed the pattern closely. Imagine that! The designer may have known what she was talking...

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  • Summer Fibre Challenge

    Summer Fibre Challenge

    The challenge was this- find an artist that inspires you and complete a project inspired by that artist but use a different medium. We had a lot of fun choosing artists that we admire and deciding on our favourite mediums to expand not only our skills but also the amazing talents of the original artist. At Fly in the Fibre we have an art group that meets every Wednesday from 5pm - 7pm. We learn together as we try different projects and once in awhile we come up with challenges to move us from our comfort zones. Drop in to...

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  • Handmade with Love

    Handmade with Love

    Within Fly in the Fibre there are approximately 15 - 20 different local artists that are selling their work. In Creston’s Art Triangle- Fly in the Fibre, Kunze Gallery, and the Creston Valley Arts Council Gift Shop there are many local artists that are showing and selling their work. Expand that to other studios and locations within the valley and the number increases to an amazing amount that we are so fortunate to have. I know, I am going to be preaching to the choir in this article but the topic of handmade items and putting a price tag on...

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  • Which Type are you?

    Which Type are you?

    One of the topic of conversations that have come up at our Community Fibre Nights is the idea that there are people out there who knit or crochet and only have ONE project going at a time.Yes, these are real people, I have not made this up.So I wanted to share not only my disbelief with you but also some thoughts on this topic. I am a person that has at least 10 projects at a time, they are not all in one craft but I do have a lot. I know that I am not alone in this! Is this detrimental to our learning experience...

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  • Meet the Instructor- Leah Wilson, Amazing Felted Fibre Arts

    Meet the Instructor- Leah Wilson, Amazing Felted Fibre Arts

    Meet the Instructor Series Fly in the Fibre introduces our favourite instructors continuing with Leah Wilson of Amazing Felted Fibre Arts. Leah Wilson Leah has been teaching her amazing and creative needle felting skills for over two years with Fly in the Fibre. Her creations are sure to make you smile and her designs are cute and simple so they can be completed by beginners and those with more needle felting experience. “As an artist it is my constant goal to create paintings & sculpture that encapsulates cuteness in abundance, that radiates vibrancy & goodness, with the intention to inspire...

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