Alpaca Love

Alpaca Love

Alpaca Love 

What is it about Alpaca's with their ever interesting faces, big eyes, lovely eyelashes and such curiosity emanating from their expressions. Then there is the fibre. Lucious and fragrant, warm and super cozy. With all these qualities, plus the fact that there is no lanolin in Alpaca fleece making it hypoallergenic, the benefits of working with this fibre are remarkable.


Grizzly Basin Ranch & Skimmerhorn Alpaca's

We are so lucky here in the Kootenays in a lot of ways but when it comes to people who raise Alpaca's, we have those who give such love to the animals that they care for. This love is shown throughout the processing of this fibre. There is care in feeding, shearing, choosing the mills for processing or hand carding & dyeing. There is care in deciding how to sell and how to play with the yarn or roving to ensure excellence in the end projects. One of its biggest selling points besides the silky softness is that Alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool and if you still need warmer, try felting it! In its natural state, Alpaca wool is truly beautiful as well.

Let's Play!

Just to give you some ideas and inspiration on some of the fun you can have with this luxurious fibre, here is what our locals have been up to. Dyeing, felting, knitting, spinning- whatever your project- Alpaca is a fibre for you to try working with. There is an Alpaca sweater in the works here at Fly in the Fibre and the blog will be updated as work progresses! Stay tuned!

 Skimmerhorn Alpaca's | Fly in the Fibre | Creston, B.C.      

Grizzly Basin Ranch | Fly in the Fibre | Creston, BC

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