Building a Creative Hub in Creston

Building a Creative Hub in Creston

The dream is to have a place to gather people of all levels with interests in yarn, fibre, and creativity. Meet Fly in the Fibre.

There is a great benefit in meeting with people with common interests and creating alongside others. Knowledge can grow and inspirational ideas sprout and spread when there is a healthy sharing of hopes and dreams of projects past and present.

“The acquisition of skills is not an end in itself. They are things to be put to use, and that use is their contribution to a common and shared life” John Dewey

I don’t think people ever truly realize or appreciate the depth of their own individual knowledge. Sometimes there is too much self-doubt and self-criticism when it comes to sharing an acquired skill. That is why there is a benefit to the casual gatherings- where people are working on developing their own skills as well as sharing their knowledge and experience without an awareness that this collaboration of learning is actually taking place. Some learn better without the stress of a formal structure, where the learning can take place in a slower time and understanding of a skill grows with experience and practice rather than memorization.

This is the purpose of a hub. When someone comes in to the store looking for an item and joins in a conversation and learns about a new project or process. When working on projects together a new skill is introduced and someone unintentionally becomes the teacher. When a project contains the work of many because advice had been given or curiosity is paired with encouragement so a new technique is used where it normally wouldn’t be. When the expansion of knowledge and skills comes from the direct teaching from people within the community rather than technology or a book.

Be a part of the ‘hub’ at Fly in the Fibre- share your knowledge and continue to learn new skills yourself. Everyone is welcome. Community Fibre Nights every Tuesday from 5pm-8pm.

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