Flowers In a Vase

Lynne Mizera Needle Felting Painting with Fibre

My name is Lynne Mizera and I am a mixed media artist and like to create richly colored and textured pieces full of happy energy.  I discovered the world of fibre art about a year ago, when I registered for a beginner needle felting class at the Fly In The Fibre. At the time I had no idea the profound effect this one event was going to have on my art life.  By the end of that first class I was hooked - I found it very easy to poke the little barbed needle into a ball of wool and I found all that rhythmic stabbing surprisingly relaxing.  I registered for more classes, learning how to turn those fluffy bits of colored wool fibres into dimensional figures, and I became a regular to the Tuesday night drop in at the Fly In The Fibre, happily practicing my newfound skills.  But it was taking Leah Wilson’s “Painting With Fibre” class when I realized that I might be able to merge my passion for mixed media art with my new-found love of fibre play.

With one of my art journal pages up on the easel for inspiration I sat down to paint a canvas using wool fibres, and by combining my knowledge of painting techniques with my newly acquired needle felting skills my first wool painting, titled “Flowers In A Vase”, was born.  This piece came together so quickly and easily that I knew I wanted to make more and I found myself painting with wool more than with paint.   Over the past six months I have completed six wool fibre paintings, each inspired by one of my mixed media pieces, and I have two more pieces in the works and there is a wonderful new energy in my studio these days as I merge my newly discovered love of fibre with my passion for mixed media art.  

You can see “Flowers In A Vase” and several other of my wool paintings on display at the Fly In The Fibre.

Lynne Mizera | Fly in the Fibre | Creston BC

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