Handmade with Love

Within Fly in the Fibre there are approximately 15 - 20 different local artists that are selling their work. In Creston’s Art Triangle- Fly in the Fibre, Kunze Gallery, and the Creston Valley Arts Council Gift Shop there are many local artists that are showing and selling their work. Expand that to other studios and locations within the valley and the number increases to an amazing amount that we are so fortunate to have. I know, I am going to be preaching to the choir in this article but the topic of handmade items and putting a price tag on them is a worthy conversation to have at any time.


Personally I feel the price of the work should be decided on by the creator. There are many factors to deciding on a number that reflects the worth of a piece and I don’t know an artist that finds this an easy task. First, there are many reasons why a person even wants to sell their work and that affects the price it is sold at. Second, an artist has to take into consideration the cost of the supplies they used and the time that was put into making it. There is also the consideration of the time learning the medium and the experience they have accumulated. Another thought is if the artist wants a quick sell or is content to wait more for that person that connects with their piece. All of these things and more cross through an artists mind before that number is decided on but once it is there it can be respected.  


For example, one of our long-time residents at Fly in the Fibre completed a knitted shawl recently. I asked her to figure out how many stitches were in it. She told me 41,718 stitches.  In the making of that shawl there was laughter, life discussions, thoughts of friends, family, and the future, quite a few swear words, hope for perfection, and forgiveness of mistakes. If she was to sell the shawl, all of these would not be considered in the selling price but to me, this is the heart of it all. It isn’t about the price, it is about the life and love that goes into each piece and the connection that the buyer has with it. 

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