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People take classes for many different reasons. Sometimes they want to learn a new skill, sometimes they like the social setting, and then there are those that want to just expand their understanding of a certain topic. No matter the reason, when you attend a class you become a student and believe it or not, there are certain rules and boundaries that you should keep in mind when you are learning.

 Now understand that everyone has their personal hang-ups around learning, we all do. Every time we learn a new process we take it all in- the learning environment, the responses of people around us, and our usually not-so-nice inner voices are contributing as well. Also, the fact that your are trying to get your brain and/or hands to do something totally new adds to the frustrations. The more aware of them we are at the time, the better we can control or adjust to what is taking place in the room.

 Here are a couple of tips though to make sure that your learning process and the learning environment is as positive as it can be.

  1. Most importantly- allow yourself to learn. Make ugly things. Do not go to the class expecting you are going to make the best thing you have ever done or learn the most important thing that will change your life forever. Don’t put that much stress on yourself, your learning experience should be fun.
  2. You are not the important person in the class. Respect the others around you, keep your exuberance or irritation to yourself and don’t be the chatty kathy that annoys everyone.
  3. Let the teacher be the teacher. Your knowledge and learning path is important to you but everyone is there to learn from the teacher. There are ways to share knowledge appropriately, make sure you are choosing those ways. Just an extra tip, very rarely does the teacher want instruction from you at this time.
  4. Use the materials that are suggested or better yet, buy the supplies straight from the instructor. This isn’t the time to be bringing those items you have been saving for 30 years that may have lost their useful life. Explore with these later when you haven’t paid money to have an expected outcome.L

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