Learning is Messy

Thanks so much to Leslie for sharing her fibre fail with us. The little bunny pictured above was her work of art that she tried very hard to get it to look like the picture in her head and it didn't make it. If you are like me, you will see that bunny and think "aw he's cute". Unfortunately for Leslie he didn't quite meet her expectations. Learning is messy.
Allowing yourself to learn from those moments when your expectations don't quite make it will provide big value in your learning experience. Hours go into experimenting and using your curiosity to pull you into places you have never been before. Something not work out? Lynne Mizera, our mixed media instructor tells us to just keep working on it until it looks the way you want it. Or you can add it to our Fibre Fails Facebook Group. We will send our hugs and our laughs to help you feel better and chalk the project up to just one of those learning experiences.

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