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Local Artists are Worth Supporting

Outsourcing has become a “norm” for small business artists. There are many reasons this practice takes place such as keeping up with demand or having smaller tasks performed by others. The decision to outsource is, I am sure, not one people would take lightly. The decision to purchase outsourced products should not be taken lightly either.

There are many pros and cons to this practice that could provide a healthy debate but I would like to focus on the support and payment of our local Canadian artists. By paying artists the money they ask it shows them that we support their art, we support the quality and the product they produce, and we know exactly who made that product and how it was made. With outsourcing, once the control leaves the designer and the processes involved in making the product become someone else’s problem there is no guarantee that the product will be made with the standards that we expect.

We are so fortunate here in the Creston Valley because of the number of talented artists we have and the diversity in the art that is offered. We are a small town, we know the people who are creating the art and we know how they are doing it. We can appreciate the work and the time that is taken as well as support the intellectual property that is owned by the artist.

Coming into the Christmas season which is a season of giving, please take the time to consider who is really making the gifts that you are giving to your loved ones. Personally hand crafted gifts are the best choice but if you are purchasing, please think local first!
  • Leah Wilson says...

    Thank you for this great little article, absolutely true & so very powerful to share. You inspire the sharing to be more about gifting the gift of art and the handmade. Thank you.

    On Dec 07, 2017

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