Master of Gussets

Master of Gussets

I learned how to knit about 4 years ago from watching many videos on YouTube. I do believe this avenue of learning can be beneficial but there were a few bumps on my learning path. For example, no one seemed to explain that you needed to hold your yarn in the front to pearl and therefore all my pearls were actually still knit stitches. Nice, but not quite the effect I was looking for. When learning from books or the internet, the biggest challenge is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Learning personally from the experience of others is a wonderful opportunity.


After a couple of first projects like a baby blanket and a scarf, I took the plunge into a class taught by Carmen Ditzler on how to knit socks. Socks are an intimidating project because of one part- the dreaded heel. The heel is made up of a few tricky parts, the hardest being (in my opinion) the picking up of the gussets. Now there are some out there that don’t flinch when I say gusset and you are my hero. When you google gussets on socks you probably won’t see anything that would keep you up at night but for sock knitters, the feeling that we get when we are at that point in our project is akin to taking that first flight on an airplane. Sweaty palms, racing heart, determination, and maybe a tear or two. 


I have completed four pairs of socks and still, I have yet to master those gussets. It always comes down to practice, patience, and allowing myself to make the mistakes so that I can learn from them. One of the things that I have come to appreciate though are classes. I have taken a few sock classes (more than I want to admit here), and every time I take one, I learn. I learn a lot of little things from the teacher and from fellow knitters. Their experiences, mistakes, and victories are what gives me hope. One day, I will be Master of Gussets. I am looking forward to earning that badge.

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