Meet the Instructor: Carmen Ditzler

Meet the Instructor Series

Fly in the Fibre introduces our favourite instructors starting this month with Fibre Artist Extraordinaire Carmen Ditzler of Hermit Felt

Carmen Ditzler, Fibre Arts Creator & Teacher

 “Find me on a walk poking into nooks and crannies, pockets full of rocks and treasures.  Fascination with nature is at the core of my art- noticing textures, colours, and weird lines.  It's been nine years now, captured by wool, making felt in a crooked little studio, heated by trees in the Kootenays of British Columbia.   Seeing what wool will do, what happens to the colour and the surface and the texture is endlessly fascinating.  I have taken workshops with some fabulous felt artists in person and online and made an infinite number of mistakes to develop my skills.     I have participated in local art shows, and for the last two felt:: feutre- canada exhibitions." Carmen Ditzler

Carmen is passionate about all things fibre arts related but in particular with wet felting. She finds the combination of wool, water, soap and hands has infinite possibilities in felt and is continuously fascinating.

Carmen has taken classes from internationally known felt makers such as Lyn Pflugeur, Marjolien Dalinga, Fiona Duthie, Andrea Graham, Marie Friese and Melissa Arnold.

Carmen is also our in-house expert on knitting and has helped many knitters move past their knitting challenges. Students refer to her as a funny, engaging, patient and skilled teacher. Carmen is a problem solver with the gift of natural curiosity that can be seen in all of her work.

“My way of being in the world is as a heartfelt alchemist.  Open hearted, open to synergy.   Being a human, scholar, gardener, parent, artist, entrepreneur- all involve alchemy.  The kinds of art that I love such as pottery and felt involve a ton of alchemy and unexpected, surprising results.” 

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