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Meet the Instructor Series

Fly in the Fibre introduces our favourite instructors continuing with Wendy Franz, a local well loved artist

Wendy Franz, Artist

As a professional graphic artist Wendy has always had a passion for art and design and now dedicates her life to her artwork. Self-taught, Wendy works in many different mediums including watercolour, acrylics, fluid art, colour pencil and mixed media, Wendy’s creations range from realism to abstract. Her unique style and imagination with the use of vivid colours capture the beauty of the world around us.

"For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about creating, always having a pencil or paintbrush in my hand”

Wendy is a vibrant and talented artist. She has been providing Creston with her beautiful work and teaching skills for several years. Wendy loves to share, she is compassionate and enjoys collaborating with other artists and venues to teach her favourite techniques and display her colourful pieces.


Wendy is known for her whimsical watercolour creations and has recently discovered the art of acrylic pouring, combining that with her acrylic painting.  

Wendy’s passion for art, love for colour and unique style has helped her stand out, making it possible to sell her work abroad. Her artwork can be found as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

Always experimenting and loving the process of learning new mediums, Wendy’s portfolio is continually changing.

“Watercolour painting is my happy place, my first love. I have been playing around with watercolour most of my adult life, pushing it’s limits with the use of vivid colours and methods to create unique and interesting textures”

Visit Fly in the Fibre to purchase Wendy’s work or sign up for a class at

Wendy Franz Art | Fly in the Fibre | Creston BC

Wendy Franz Art | Fly in the Fibre | Creston BC

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