Slice of Paradise- a Gift that Keeps Giving

A Slice of Paradise has a precious story. This quilted landscape was created by twelve different ladies, some of whom belonged to the Creston Valley Fibre Artisans. The creators all have different skill levels, different personalities, and different perspectives of the beautiful valley we live in.

The ladies each had a section of an aerial photograph that was taken by local photographer, Ken Alexander. Without consideration of what any of the other ladies were going to do, they set to work on quilting their section. When they came back together after two years and started putting the panels together there was not a dry eye in the room.

The stunning finished project that so beautifully captures the colours and magic of the Creston Valley was sent to the Canadian Quilter’s Association and entered into the National Juried Show in 2013. The piece was published in the Guide to Quilted Works in the exhibition and it won the Excellence in Group Quilt Award.

The story does not stop there. With the grand hearts of the ladies the picture was put up for sale with the Creston Valley Museum being the beneficiary. Andrea Revoy, a fellow artist with an appreciation for the work and creativity that went into making A Slice of Paradise, purchased the work of art and the funds went to our well deserved museum. The masterpiece currently resides happily in Fly in the Fibre and can stay until it continues its journey.

Andrea has given the piece back to Creston. Businesses or groups can rent the piece to display in their own space and the funds will continue going to the museum. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Artists: Lori Wilson, Merilyn Arms, Brigitte Langevin, Gail Thompson, Kate Hall, Donna Krane, Kitty McCulloch, Mary Johnston, Linda Macullo, Mary Lou May, Syd Chihonik.

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