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The Genuine Creativity of Youth

Fly in the Fibre was recently fortunate enough to be a part of the Adam Robertson Grade 7 Amazing Race event. Being a part of these events are always so rewarding; the energy is fantastic, the kids are always appreciative of support from the community, and the events themselves are so well organized by the teachers that the day is truly fun.

The students had to do a challenge at each place they stopped at and the places are spread among the town. With little clues they race to destinations and they have to be faster than the rest. With flags in hand, face paint on, and smiles abundant, this is how they travelled.

At Fly in the Fibre their challenge was to needle felt. The students were lucky that day as they had Fibre Artist Leah Wilson from Amazing Gnomes to assist them. Leah, with her larger than life energy and her passion for creating with fibre, took the students in hand and taught them the basics of needle felting.

Each team had their own colour, their own name, their own creative ideas. The backdrop of the project was wet felted by another talented fibre artist- Carmen Ditzler. A beautifully created tree was their starting point and the students had the options to needle felt something in the sky, on the tree and on the ground. From there, the creativity exploded! Each team used their own colour. The first team was the green team and they added all the green to the picture. The second was the orange and so on. The first team had no idea what the following teams were to complete and from one team to the next they kept adding fibre and shifting the look of the picture.

The sound of the needles going through the fibre, the gentle teaching and encouragement from Leah, and the excitement from the students was all that was heard. The end result is authentically beautiful and they received their finished project with a frame to keep in their classroom. Way to go Grade 7’s and good luck in the next step of your education journey!

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