The Sock Project

After completing the socks above for a little project I noticed a funny thing. Same pattern, same yarn, same hands and every sock is different in some way. I have to admit I am not a detail person and I miss things in patterns all the time. I will also admit that it wasn't until about the 7th sock that I felt like I actually completed the pattern the way it was supposed to be and the socks turned out a lot better after I followed the pattern closely. Imagine that! The designer may have known what she was talking about! 

I have also learned not to fix all the mistakes and some are just going to stay there and be "features". I am not sure if this is a good lesson or not as I find myself leaving mistakes all the time and fixing mistakes is actually a great skill to have. Whether it is laziness or just not stressing about the inconsistencies between pattern and the project, what I do find is that I have learned the skills of adjusting and that is the knitter I have become. I have embraced this.

What this project also showed me is that hand made items are the best. I have known this for some time but the making of these socks proved it. Every one of those socks are different. No matter who you are, whichever pattern you choose with whatever yarn, your project will never be the same as someone else's. Use the same yarn and pattern and it still will not be the same. I have seen this in classes as well. Everyone starts out with the same materials and the same instructions and sure enough, the projects will be different. Isn't that cool? That is why we love hand made, it is the individuality of it and the maker's personality that defines the end product. Just like snowflakes, no two projects are alike.

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