You Too Can Learn to Knit in Your 40's

You Too Can Learn to Knit in Your 40's

Teaching young dogs new tricks!

There was no way I was going to say "old" dog! Now that I am in my 40's a new life is just beginning so "old" just doesn't cut it here. The kids are gone (almost) and time in the evenings spent driving them around and making them dinners can now be spent on doing things I enjoy. Wait, what are the things I enjoy again?

"I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

Don't we all just want to spend our time doing SOMETHING that builds happiness and may even make someone else happy? As a mom, I feel that this goal is imbedded in almost everything that I do. I try to make all my activities productive and enjoyable. These are the two filters I used when I decided to learn how to knit. I can make amazing projects for others while creating happiness for myself.

Once I made my decision, I have to say I was intimidated as I started searching through the information on the internet. It is amazing how many people learned this skill on their grandmothers knee and the number of projects that some people complete in a year! I felt so far behind and overwhelmed by the information.

How was I going to merge into this beautiful world of creativity?

I turned to YouTube and Netflix. My first step into the knitting world was done in my own space and on my own time. Learning in a crowd is difficult for me as I find it hard to make mistakes in front of others and the older I get, the worse this feels. So I sunk myself in Netflix marathons and got out the knitting needles. The first thing I found out about knitting is that I can find the answer to any knitting question through google. Any problem you might have or question that you need an answer to can be solved through sites such as Ravelry. I began to appreciate the expertise that the knitting world has to offer. I didn't have just one grandma to help me out, I had thousands of knitters of all ages and their knowledge to encourage me and help me with whatever I need to know!

Take a Class!

After I spent a few days learning how to knit on my own I gathered the courage to sign up for a class. I am not sure if it would have been better to take the class first, I was glad that I had a basic understanding of how to knit before I went there so others didn't have to see the steam blowing from my ears. I encourage every new learner to sign up for a class at some point as having someone in person show you their techniques and how to fix your mistakes will save you time and frustration. Keep an eye on the Fly in the Fibre's Facebook page for more information on classes coming up!

Lesson is...

My point in sharing my story was to say that there are many reasons to not learn how to knit but age should never be one of them. If you can learn through online video's there is a vast amount of information out there and if you need the one-on-one instruction there is certainly local opportunities for that as well. Knitting and fibre work is a wonderful way to learn, create a good growth experience, and making others very happy as you give away these beautiful hand-made gifts. Have fun!

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