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  • Master of Gussets

    Master of Gussets

    Challenging yourself to perfect the dreaded heel on a knitted sock.
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  • Fulling vs Felting

    Fulling vs Felting


    Sometimes these two terms get mixed up and can get confusing.  So in a nutshell; felting is when wool fibres are joined together using soap, water and friction (wet felting) or barbed needles stabbed repeatedly into the fibres (dry felting or needle felting).  Fulling, is when wool is spun into a thread or yarn, then knit or woven into a cloth- that is then shrunk.   Sometime this shrinking process is on purpose and results in a strong, thicker, more water/wind resistant fabric- think of a “boiled wool” coat.  Sometimes the shrinking is by accident and results in a lovely...

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  • Flowers In a Vase

    Flowers In a Vase

    Expanding skills from one artistic medium to another. Inspired to "paint" with wool.
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  • The Making of a Sheep

    The Making of a Sheep

    One particularly interesting thing about creating an object that you can picture in your mind is that it very rarely turns out the way you think it will. When the piece is created the artist can go two ways, try to perfect it for what they had in mind or they can let it go and move on. Our sheep has its own personality and he decided when I was done. The sheep has no name. Actually, some days he doesn’t have an identity either. He has been called a dog and sometimes a cow. I don’t believe his feelings...

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  • Got the Blues?

    Got the Blues?

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    Submitted by: Carmen Ditzler Indigo is the legendary source of colourfast blues and its ability to produce a wide range of shades has made it the most successful dye plant ever known. Indigo can give clear blues that range from the tint of a pale sky to a deep navy that is almost black.  We know it as the blue colour of denim; now dyed using synthetic indigo which was first created in 1880 by Adolph von Bayer.    Natural indigo is obtained from indigo bearing plants, the most significant one being indigofera tinctoria. The plant produces a colourless glucose...

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  • Art or Craft?

    Art or Craft?

    The argument over what is considered “art” and what is “craft”is almost as old as the chicken and the egg. There are many points to this discussion that could be discussed and of course, it usually depends on who may be discussing them.Quick definitions of each: Art-the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.Craft- an activity involving skill in making things by hand.The key to both is skill and imagination. The ability to vision and then...

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