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    The Genuine Creativity of Youth

    Fly in the Fibre was recently fortunate enough to be a part of the Adam Robertson Grade 7 Amazing Race event. Being a part of these events are always so rewarding; the energy is fantastic, the kids are always appreciative of support from the community, and the events themselves are so well organized by the teachers that the day is truly fun.The students had to do a challenge at each place they stopped at and the places are spread among the town. With little clues they race to destinations and they have to be faster than the rest. With flags...

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  • Building a Creative Hub in Creston

    Building a Creative Hub in Creston

    The dream is to have a place to gather people of all levels with interests in yarn, fibre, and creativity. Meet Fly in the Fibre. There is a great benefit in meeting with people with common interests and creating alongside others. Knowledge can grow and inspirational ideas sprout and spread when there is a healthy sharing of hopes and dreams of projects past and present.“The acquisition of skills is not an end in itself. They are things to be put to use, and that use is their contribution to a common and shared life” John DeweyI don’t think people ever...

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    Fear- Does it Inhibit or Encourage Creation?

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    Just an observation... Over the last few months I have observed several common tendencies among the knitters I have had the pleasure to work with. One in particular makes me very curious. Fear. Fear of the unknown, (will I be able to do this pattern?) fear of failure, (I need to rip back how many rows?), fear of showing (my work is definitely not good enough to post!), and fear of creating (the pattern says to do this and that is the way I have to do it). Sometimes I am not sure how we get any projects done with...

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  • Alpaca Love

    Alpaca Love

    Alpaca Love  What is it about Alpaca's with their ever interesting faces, big eyes, lovely eyelashes and such curiosity emanating from their expressions. Then there is the fibre. Lucious and fragrant, warm and super cozy. With all these qualities, plus the fact that there is no lanolin in Alpaca fleece making it hypoallergenic, the benefits of working with this fibre are remarkable.                                                                       Grizzly Basin Ranch & Skimmerhorn...

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  • You Too Can Learn to Knit in Your 40's

    You Too Can Learn to Knit in Your 40's

    Teaching young dogs new tricks! There was no way I was going to say "old" dog! Now that I am in my 40's a new life is just beginning so "old" just doesn't cut it here. The kids are gone (almost) and time in the evenings spent driving them around and making them dinners can now be spent on doing things I enjoy. Wait, what are the things I enjoy again? "I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou Don't we...

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