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Knit Picks Rainbow Cable Knitting Needles

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These vibrant rainbow coloured single point needles are made of a strong, polished, smooth laminated birch wood. Yarn slides freely along the needle without catching, but has enough grip to easily manage slippery yarns. The grooves in each needle help keep the stitches from slipping off the needle while they are being held either in front or in back of your work. Set of three provides an ideal size for any project.

KNIT PICKS Rainbow Cable Knitting Needles - 3pcs. - S/M/L

Fly in the Fibre is a small yarn store and can only carry so much yarn and fibre in-store. If something is sold out it can be ordered at no extra cost and please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Please email mjoy@flyinthefibre to order sold out items. Thank you for supporting small yarn stores

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