Patrick King Woollen Company Wool Blankets

Patrick King came from a family of Irish weavers and spinners. Ireland in the mid 1800’s was rife with extreme poverty and malnutrition, even the weaving trade was no exception.

In 1873 it was decided that they had to leave Ireland their home in search of something better than they had known all their lives and settled in Glasgow, Scotland.

Today Patrick King Woollen Company continues to be a recognizable name for quality wool products having offices in both Port Hope, Ontario and Edinburgh, Scotland. Our inhouse design and graphics team design exclusive tartans and wool products that compliment any home décor shop, boutique and souvenir stores. We can design your own exclusive tartan or private labelling.

Tartan is a classic addition with timeless qualities. We use both Lambswool and Merino wool in producing our products to give you that luxurious feel. Patrick King Woollen Company is a member of the Scottish Tartan Authority and all our tartans are Registered with The Scottish Tartan Registry.