DMC Tapestry Wool


100% Virgin Wool

8m / 8.7yd per skein for every colour except White and Ecru are 29m / 31.7yd

A soft, smooth, non-divisible yarn made of 100%  virgin wool. Its twist and thickness provide excellent canvas coverage with a smooth, even texture. Both mothproof and colourfast, this wool is combed and twilled which gives it an even finish.

Endorsed by the Woolmark. Made in France. Specially designed for decorative needlepoint on pillows, chair seats, wall hangings, pictures and also for fashion articles like bags.

We are clearing out our stock and will no longer carry tapestry wool so make sure to order them before they are gone. There is a 30% discount on all of the skeins until they are gone!

Standard shipping cost is $16 that you will pay at checkout but if the actual cost comes in cheaper than the standard cost you will be refunded the difference.