Striped Alpaca Socks | Pokoloko | Fly in the Fibre | Creston BC
Striped Alpaca Socks | Pokoloko | Fly in the Fibre | Creston BC
Striped Alpaca Socks | Pokoloko | Fly in the Fibre | Creston BC

Pokoloko Striped Socks

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This sock is made with luxurious and durable baby alpaca in a thin-to-medium weight. This is a slim fit with incredible thermal abilities that can retain heat when necessary, and allow air circulation to prevent sweating in warmer weather.

S = Womens: 5-7 & Mens: 4-6.5

  • M = Womens: 7.5-9 & Mens: 7-8.5
  • L = Womens: 9.5-10.5 & Mens: 9-11.5
  • XL = Womens: 11-12 & Mens: 12-14
  • Made with baby alpaca, one of the world’s most luxurious fibers. Baby alpaca is fiber from the first shear of an alpaca when the alpaca's hair has never been shorn before. No animals are harmed in the making of any Pokoloko product. Alpacas are shorn in cycles like sheep according to the seasons.
  • Alpaca has unique thermal properties due to the mircoscopic air pockets found in its fiber, allowing air circulation on warm days and heat insulation on cool days. This prevents sweating in warmer weather, and in colder weather, contains heat for warmth. Wear these alpaca socks year-round in any regular shoe without overheating.
  • Cute pattern, expertly woven into each sock, that will make your heart and feet warm.
  • Luxury made to last. Alpaca is exceptionally durable if cared for properly, and more durable than sheep's wool. Non-itchy, lightweight, breathable, windproof, silky-smooth, resistant to piling and matting, non-shrinking, water and stain-resistant.
  • Ultra soft hand feel, luxurious texture. Soft and gentle on the skin. Alpaca is hypoallergenic.
  • Unisex, suitable for all humans.
  • Status symbol. In Incan history, alpaca was considered the “fiber of the gods,” and reserved for royalty. Domesticated more than 6000 years ago, the alpaca represents a unique South American textile tradition.
  • Alpaca is one of the Earth's most sustainable fibers. Alpacas have soft, padded feet, not hooves, which minimize soil erosion. They consume relatively less water than other animals, and have efficient digestion, low level feeds, and they only nibble on top of pasture grass without uprooting it. No harsh chemicals are necessary to process alpaca as alpaca contains no lanolin oil.

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