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Targhee Wool

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The Targhee sheep are raised here in Creston, B.C. at Spectrum Farms. We are proud to carry this fine fibre locally and be able to share it with those who love to work with fibre. Targhee are known for their lofty wool that has a good amount of elasticity and softness. We currently only carry the raw unwashed wool in 1lb bags but we are hoping with the addition of a fibre mill here in Creston in the coming year that we will be able to offer more selection. We also have full fleece, lamb fleece, and skirting. Please message us for more information on these items.

Approximate Characteristics for Targhee:

Staple Length- 7.5-11cm

Micron Count- 22-26

The breeding ewes came from Morvick Station, a ranch in south east (Eastend)

Spectrum Farms is a worthy farm to support. It's mission is to develop the property in an orderly manner, providing employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, while concentrating on agricultural endeavors such as market garden, raising free range chickens for eggs, raising sheep for wool. We plan to develop other businesses for employment that are complementary to our core agricultural work.

Find more information on Spectrum Farms on Facebook- @spectrumfarmscreston

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