TGIF Coffee

Welcome to the Fly in the Fibre TGIF Coffee delivery service! We are excited to provide this service to local Creston businesses every Friday morning. Please ensure you or someone in your workplace is on our mailing list for communications in case of cancellations or other notifications.

At Fly in the Fibre we use Oso Negro coffee and we provide many drink options that we are happy to deliver to you.

Your order has to be received by Thursday of each week, Friday orders will not be accepted. Deliveries will be made Friday morning between 9am and 12pm.

I highly recommend that you start an account. This will save you time on your following orders. Orders can be made individually or if you have someone in the office/workplace that is willing to gather orders and just place one order that would work great too! 

Ordering instructions:

1. Choose your drink type (ex. latte, americano's, teas, smoothies, etc) 

2. Choose your size

3. Choose your flavours- you can choose up to 3 different flavours or none at all.

4. Choose your milk or milk alternative

5. In the cart page please make sure your workplace is named in the company spot so we know where to deliver. Also, make sure to choose the TGIF Coffee selection under shipping so no delivery costs are added to your order!

If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback please text Mel at 250-402-3108 or email

Select your flavours- Mix and Match up to 3 flavours
Please choose 1 to 3 options
Choose your type of milk or alternative
Only medium size available
Select your flavours- Mix and Match up to 3 flavours
Please choose 1 to 3 options
Select your flavours- Mix and Match
Please choose 1 to 2 options
The number of espresso shots in regular drinks:

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